Get down into producing your next future wobble house track with the help of 120 custom designed presets for the infamous virtual synthesizer – Massive. Hit future house, bass house, wobble house, power house, electro house and dubstep realm with the help of these must-have patches that feature the sound of NOW.

What you get is 120 total presets broken down in to 100 bass presets, 10 lead presets and 10 pluck presets. All of them come equipped with 4-8 macro-controls for those quick shortcuts to sound bending and alteration. Edit attack times, LFO speeds, fullness, stereo placement, variations and others.

Attention: The pack contains only bass, lead and pluck presets for NI Massive 1.3 and above. Other sounds like drums, effects and vocal cuts are not included in the pack. Don’t let the demo fool you on what you can do with these presets, there is much more inside!



Native Instruments Massive presets
120 presets
573 KB
100 bass presets
10 lead presets
10 pluck presets
4-8 macro-controls