Hy2rogen is back with more MIDI goodness delivering 350MB of pure lush and melodic content.

Going from simple tech house chord toppers, deep house swingers to progressive house and big room melodies, the pack comes with 70 4 bar WAV loops delivered both DRY & WET, along with 1 extra bar for the WET exports to catch the reverb/delay tails. Each loop is key and tempo labelled for perfect mix & match possibilities. For custom usage, fire up your favorite synth and play around with the MIDI files included and with your personal stash of presets until you get the desired results.

Remember to stack your sounds to get those “jumping out of the speaker tones”  for a fuller and wider stereo field. All of loops are key and tempo labelled (128BPM) and are offered at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz without sidechain or any heavy processing for compatibility reasons.

All of the melodies are royalty free but can only be used according to the license agreement included in the pack.


17.95 11.95


BPM = 128
24Bit 44.1Khz
210 files
70 WET (with FX) melodic plucks and chords
70 DRY (no FX) melodic plucks and chords
70 MIDI files for the melodic content