Hy2rogen opens his vault of remixes and productions to serve 262 MIDI files consisting of bigroom swedish themes, melodic chords, house pianos, super phat stacked leads, deep & electro basslines and ground shaking pads.

Fire up your favorite synthesizer and just drag & drop a MIDI file for instant euphoria. Each MIDI file comes with an mp3 audio preview so you won’t have to check every MIDI file every timme you want to find inspiration and spice up your tracks. All the programmed MIDI files are compatible with all DAWs and are available in 3 folders: Basslines, Leads and Pads. Remember to stack your sounds to get those “jumping out of the speaker tones”  for a fuller and wider stereo field.

What you get is 524 files broken down into 262 MIDI files (82 MIDI basslines, 150 MIDI chords, leads, pianos, additives, 30 MIDI pads) and 262 mp3 audio previews (generic bass sounds, piano sound and pad).

Please note: This pack contains only MIDI files along with mp3 previews for each one. Don’t let the demo fool you as there is much more inside!


17.95 9.95


524 files
262 MIDI files
262 mp3 previews
82 basslines
150 chords, leads, pianos, additives
30 pads