HY2ROGEN returns with 760MB+ of pure mainroom progressive & electro house content featuring 10 heavy construction kits for guaranteed mayhem on the dance floor.

Following the current trend, main producer and label owner – HY2ROGEN is back again on chef duties to deliver 10 house rocking anthem ideas to inspire producers alike. The kits are broken down into individual instrument tracks like Kick, Snare, Hat, FX, Bass, Lead, Additive, Ride, Claps, etc., along with MIDI files for all basslines, leads & additives, so you can fire up your favorite synthesizers and customize at your own taste. All the musical elements (Bass, Lead, Additive…) are offered both DRY & WET so you can process them at your liking with the help of your favorite processors and effects.

What you get is 251 files including 174 WAV Loops (10 complete reference mixes, 53 bass loops, 29 lead loops, 10 additive loops, 10 kick loops, 15 snare loops, 9 clap loops, 8 ride loops,  12 fx loops, 18 misc loops),  21 MIDI files and 56 REX2 files. When exporting each element, NO MASTER-BUS processing like compression, limiting, eq, saturation, etc., was used for compatibility reasons. You can mix & match between kits for multiple possibilities.

All of the kits are key and tempo labelled, exported at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz and delivered as stem files.


14.95 9.95


BPM = 128
24Bit 44.1Khz
251 total files
174 WAV Loops
56 REX2 files
21 MIDI files
DRY & WET exports
10 construction kits
53 bass loops
29 lead loops
18 misc loops
15 snare loops
9 clap loops
8 ride loops
12 fx loops
10 additive loops
10 kick loops
10 complete mix loops