Expanding our horizons over here at HY2ROGEN with 120 future bass & trap inspired synth presets, we’re proud to present another in-house release that follows the current trends.

Getting down with subwoofer hungry sub-basslines, sexy syncopated chords, milky leads and lush melodic plucks, HY2ROGEN delivers another must-have release for aspiring or established producers. What you get is 120 total presets broken down in to 10 sub bass presets, 50 chord presets, 40 lead presets and 20 pluck presets. Some of the sounds come with built in melody/riff/rhythm lines already programmed which can be altered at your liking.

Don’t let the demo fool you on what these presets can do, there is much more inside! The sounds can be used across several other genres such as Bigroom, Electro, Progressive, Trap, Dubstep, Chill, Moombathon, etc.

Attention: The pack contains only bass, chord, lead and pluck presets for Reveal Sound Spire v1.0.20 and above.  Other sounds like drums and vocal cuts are not included in the pack.



Reveal Sound Spire presets
120 total presets
406 KB
10 sub bass presets
50 chord presets
40 lead presets
20 pluck presets
arpeggiated grooves
tempo synced