Hy2rogen’s drum hits get a lot of feedback. Where *does* he gets his kick drums? Now we know, as he lifts the lid on his 650-strong armoury of beat bounty: choice ball-blitzers in this full-fat collection of kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion hits.

Optimized and supersized for tech, minimal, progressive and electro house, this collection is something special: featuring only the finest shots from the main man’s personal hit collection. From sub-heavy kicks to tight hats, uber-wide claps and crackin’ nu-perc shaves, this pack is a masterclass in drum creation, featuring all-analogue signal paths and custom layering techniques that few nail.

The sounds will find fans among both seasoned beat programmers and those needing full-phat drums to add depth, punch and clarity to a loop-based mix. Featuring a whopping 650 total sounds at a knock-down price, this pack contains 150 depth-stacked kicks, 150 stereo and mono claps and snares, 150 hats and 200 percussive sounds.

Don’t let the demo fool you, there’s so much more inside!


14.95 7.95


50MB+ of content
24Bit 44.1Khz WAV
one shots
702 files
650 essential one shots
52 software sampler files
150 kicks
150 claps & snares
150 hi-hats
200 percussive sounds