Pressure Samples returns with the 10th installment, featuring 80 crazy fills & sweeps, perfect for tension building moments in the breakdown parts.

Hy2rogen always delivers what producers like himself are looking for when searching for samples and brings out 380MB+ of crazy driven snare fills, siren sweeps, distorted lifters, tonal risers and other instant build-up sounds, overall mainroom must-have material.

Going from 1 bar to 16 bars and offered at 128BPM with the corresponding key (where applicable), the pack is drag & drop ready and a perfect fit in your productions. What you get is 380MB+ of content packing 80 sweeps, fills & build-ups as WAV files, going from 1-16 bars and tempo synced at 128BPM. All of the sounds are offered at a quality of 24Bit 44.1Khz WAV loops.

Don’t let the demo fool you as there is so much more inside!


14.95 7.95


BPM = 128
24Bit 44.1Khz
80 fills, sweeps and build-ups